Let's go to Europe!

Hooray! Exploring Europe together as a family sounds like so much fun. Where are we going? Paris.


What to do there?

Paris sounds like lots of walking and history. But what about us children? Walking in big cities is boring.


Let’s choose Travelove Experiences to make this fun!

What’s there to do in Paris with Travelove? We can turn walks and history into interactive fun while learning new things!


So here we are...

... In Paris, painting Van Gogh’s famous windmill, baking Tarte Tatin and taking a family quiz while picnicking under the Eiffel Tower.


It's all interactive

Our parents don’t have to put in any work making this fun for us. Every Experience includes guidebook pages full of puzzles, stories, quizzes and creative tasks - all in one Travelove Kit!


Learned a lot!

Bye Paris, this was fun! Two things we won’t forget – the Eiffel Tower is made of iron and Vincent van Gogh was a great impressionist painter. Everything else is in our guidebooks to keep as memories!

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