Do I need to buy the Travelove Kit?

If you choose at least two experiences in the destination you’re going to, we definitely suggest adding a Travelove Kit. Without it, you have to print out the children’s guidebook pages yourselves, and get all the accessories needed so that your children don’t get upset when they can’t complete some of the tasks.


If you just want to quickly get an experience, print it out for the children and go, you don’t need the Travelove Kit. The Kit takes time to be custom prepared and delivered.

How much is the Travelove Kit delivery?

You don't need to pay for the delivery, it's already included in the Travelove Kit price. The Kit can be either delivered to your home address or to your hotel upon your arrival. 

Where will you deliver my Travelove Kit?

Depending on the timing it can either be delivered to your home address or directly to your destination (e.g. to your hotel). It’s fun to have it delivered to your home, as your children get the chance to look through it and get excited about the adventure.

What if I pay for Experiences that are not available on the date I requested?

First, we’ll try to find another date and time option for your chosen experiences. If this doesn’t work out, the full amount you paid will be returned to your bank account.

What if I cancel my order?

Of course, that can happen and we try to be as flexible as possible. We fully refund experiences with locals that are canceled 7 days or more in advance, and we refund at least 80 % of the price up to 4 days before the actual day of the experience. In case of shorter notice, we try to refund as much as possible but this depends on the Local and his terms. We can also refund the Travelove Kit before it gets printed and sent out. You find details of our Cancellation and Withdrawal policy in Terms & Conditions.

How can I reach your if I need help during our trip?

You can reach us either online via e-mail and chat or you can call us. You’ll find email addresses and phone numbers directly in your guidebook.

What’s a gift?

You can buy experiences as a gift. If you order them as a Travelove Kit, we wrap the Travelove Kit as a gift and a personal note of any kind can be printed directly into the guidebook.

Why are some experiences more expensive than others?

Every experience has a different length and takes you to a different amount of sites. The activity sheets for children also vary. Some have two tasks, others have ten depending on the experience. The price is based on this and varies with the “size” of the experience.

What is a Travelove Kit?

A Travelove Kit includes everything you as traveler need. For adults, the Kit includes a custom made printed guidebook with all the experiences you’ve chosen. For children, the Kit is an actual backpack with a custom made book full of activity sheets for the chosen experiences and with all Art&Play Accesssories included for exploring and learning throughout every experience. Teenagers get their activity sheets in the form of letters from local teenagers, and Art&Play Accesssories are included as well, of course.