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Every day we deliver perfect Experiences to all of us who travel with children

We’re sisters who enjoyed traveling the world. But with little children and job commitments along the way it suddenly became difficult.

To change this we put our first experience on paper – instructions for parents, fun work sheets for children. It took us months to get the content just right and tons of it went in the trash.

But when we finally tested it on our friends, they loved it! And so we continue to bring more locals from across Europe together with our team to create more experiences for all traveling families.

Travelove Experiences
Prepared for you to enjoy while traveling with children
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Working on new experiences all over Europe right now
Locals prepare family friendly experiences that families can do either by themselves or with a local person
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Our team ensures quality of the content, runs a secure platform for your orders and prepares the Travelove Kits for you
You choose where you want to go and experiences you would like to share with your children - you travel, enjoy and evaluate