Real sights
not amusement parks
Don’t get us wrong! Fun parks and museums are fine. But these tours are designed by locals to show you what you came for — the beauty of the city.
No hassles
on a guided tour
We know kids are not always in the mood for sightseeing. Relax and discover what the city has to offer at your own pace whenever you feel like it.
Age specific
content in each tour
You want to observe and learn, the little ones want to play and teens just don’t care. We get that! Each tour has different content for everyone!

Age customized content inside each tour

Young Kids 4–7 years old get to
 look for clues along the way
  learn from pictures and short text captions
   color and play games during breaks and idle time
Kids 8–12 years old get to
 follow the tour trail and look for clues
  learn basic information using pictures
   read, color and play during coffee breaks
Teens 13+ years old get to
 read a letter from a local teen
  use cool local tips during the tour
   create something special for themselves
Adults get to
 navigate with maps and practical instructions
  read about all sights and learn interesting facts
   use places to rest, eat and play

Set your self-guided tours up in
3 easy steps

you want to experience at your destination
Set the
you’re traveling with — every family member
Pick a
Kit or PDF
to get the most of your experience

Thank you to all mindful parents & fans

Anne and Diogo from U.S.A., with Antonio (8) and Daniela (5)
I love the idea of having such an interactive tour, where we'd get to see the sites but also have it kid motivated!
Jen and Jim from England, with Elliott (6) and Julian (3)
The activity book and accompanying tour book was really all we needed to plan out a fun and engaging two days in Prague.
Caroline and Erik from Ireland, with Liam (3), Julien (7) and Noah (8)
Our boys loved filling in their Activity Books! Plus the Adult Guide Book is well written and has just the right amount of information needed.
Clair and Kieren from UK, with Aiden (7), Callum (3) and Amber (2)
Having the art supplies to hand was very good, we weren't having to go and buy things all the time making the most of our time.
Kristye and Mark from USA, with Kaleigh (6) and Mark (4)
I downloaded both the pdf for us and the kids to my phone so we had the info to discuss in kid terms anytime, even without the actual Book.

Grab & Go City Family Kits

No time to choose tours one by one?
We’ve put the top self-guided tours together for you in a ready-made Kit!
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We’re here to encourage family travel

We know from experience how complicated the travel routine can get once people have kids. By creating Travelove we found a way to make it work. We hope to help mindful parents make traveling with their kids breathtaking, interesting, fun and stress-free.
Katka & Lada
Co-founders & moms
Mindful parents
using Family Kits and self-guided tours when discovering cities with their kids
Little Explorers
having fun learning by playing games and filling in tasks in their Activity Books
Self-guided tours
created by locals in 12 different cities, showing families their home